#EF 2015 in one word: IMPROVEMENTS

First i want to thank you to Nita, Dani and Ryan, who created this ‚English Friday‘ idea and also created the learn groups in WhatsApp (BEC and ChitChat Group). And thank you too to Mbak Yo, Mbak Eva and Mbak Mikan for being our mentors in this club.

This is my first post in English and actually i really scared to write in English. But i decided to join this club and to challenge my self to improve my English language. And IMPROVEMENTS is also my word for 2015. Yes, for me 2015 is the perfect time to improve and to develop my self in all possible aspects.


Picture: Self Improvement Project

Improve My English

This challenge is a really good beginning for me. I just learned English at the School in Indonesian. Since i live in Germany, i have been speaking very rarely English. I speak Indonesian with my family and my Indonesian friends and I talking in German with Matthias and my German friends. Sometimes i use English to talk with the foreign supplier on work.

I hope with this challenge i can more improve my English 😀

Improve My Self

This year i want also to improve and to develop my self. Last year i had somehow so many thoughts about my self and I was really scared of my future. That was uncomfortable for me… But now I think this is quite normal, it’s called a ‚Quarter Life Crisis‘. I don’t want here to explain about this crisis and to give you the solutions for this crisis. Because i don’t know the solutions yet 😉

But now i just want try to enjoy and to accept this feeling. I believe someday it will be over. And someday i can laugh very loud about this problem 😀 Instead to stress about it i want to improve and to develop my self and my characters: be more patient, more mature, be more positiv, be more care to other people… I want this year to be a better Shinta 🙂

Improve My Knowledge 

If you read last year my post about my work, you should know that i got a new responsibilities on my work. It means that i have also to improve my knowledge. And that’s not easy… My work and responsibilities will be more than last year. For example about enzymes: I know what is enzymes and their effects in breads. But comparing to the experts my knowledge is still to poor. But it’s ok… This year i want to more learn about enzymes. I can read books about enzymes, make a baking trials with various enzymes and participate various workshops or seminars about enzymes.

Pfuihhhh… It was really difficult to write a post in English. I know that my English is not perfect, but i hope you still enjoy it 🙂 Have a nice weekend guys!!! 😀 😀

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21 Gedanken zu „#EF 2015 in one word: IMPROVEMENTS

  1. adhyasahib sagt:

    selamat ya,,for the first post in English,,,
    sama shin, aku juga agak2 takut posing atau nulis dalam bahasa inggris, takut berantakan grammernya dan banyak salahnya, hehe

  2. Vari Sapi Lucu (The Traveling Cow) sagt:

    Hihihi iyah bener…ada bbrp grammar mistakes, tapi gapapa…alah bisa karena biasa…
    aku dulu sempet rajin ngeblog pake bahasa Inggris, tapi terus cape sendiri sejak pindah kantor yg semua komunikasinya kudu bhs inggris, kok kyknya mau nyantai aja di blog pake Bahasa Indonesia…eh keterusan mpe skrg 🙂

  3. MS sagt:

    nulis satu pos mikirnya lamaa ya.., ngalamin gitu nggak sih..
    aku tertatih2 nulisnya

  4. Semangat mba!!!
    Definitely you can improve yourself by being brave at first 🙂

  5. Anggun sagt:

    Hi, salam kenal Mbak! 😀

    May all your wishes come true and having the best time of your life along this year!

  6. Ira sagt:

    semoga quarter life crisis ini segera berakhir dan membuat kita jadi lebih baik lagi ya Shinta…aamiin

  7. bhellabhello sagt:

    Goodluck buat kamu Shinta. Anyway sama bangeet target 2015 adalah improvement on many aspects including ourselves.

  8. Ryan sagt:

    ooo.. you are in Germany. No wonder the blog button is under language that i don’t understand.

    Actually, we are the one who need to say thank you to all members. And let’s improve our English together.

  9. GloryGrant sagt:

    Hai mb Shinta. Salam kenal dari sesama member BEC. 🙂
    semangat ya buat improvement-nya.

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