#EF2 My Wildest Dream: Travel Around The World

The topic for this in week in English Friday Challenge is my wildest dream!

I was very enthusiastic at first when i read about the topic for this week and i got a lot of ideas about this topic. But now i don’t really know, how i can transfer the ideas into an article. Especially i have to write the ideas in English. But i will try it… 🙂

I have been calling my self: „Girl (or women?) with a million dreams“. I always love to dream and to plan about my future. My biggest dream is always to travel around the world. Since i have been living in Germany, it is easier to make it happen. Maybe i can’t travel around the world yet, but at least from Germany is easier and cheaper than from Indonesia to travel around Europe 😀 😀

Sometimes i have some crazy dreams about travel and in this post my wildest dream means my craziest dream. I think my wildest dream was to give up everything what i have. I just want to travel around the world and enjoy my life to see the world. I want to see and to learn a new culture, to help the people who need my help and to find the amazing places in the world.


Picture: Travel Around The World

Sometimes i consider to give up my ‚home’ in Germany, to resign from my job and also to ask Matthias to accompany me to travel around the world (Hehe I’m very sure that he will reject it ;p). Hehe… You will probably ask me, how i can be survive? Hehe… I am also not sure, how i can be survive without permanent job. But i’ve ever made a simple plan about this dream:

1. I want try to get money as much as possible: i can try to save money from my current salary, i can sell my car and everything that i have, etc…

2. With the money that i have saved, i can start my journey…

3. If i need more money, i can search any job to get a money and work until i have enough money to continue my journey.

But unfortunately I’m not that courageous. I have always fear of uncertainty and i very love a regularity in my life. I know thats not good… 😦 Actually to study in Germany und left everything i had wasn’t my type. It is always so difficult for me to leave my comfort zone. But i could do that, because my family very supported me to study here and now I’m very grateful from my family.

That’s why i choosed this dream as my wildest dream. I know that i will never realize this dream in my life, but maybe i can realize my other dreams 🙂

Happy Weekend!

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23 Gedanken zu „#EF2 My Wildest Dream: Travel Around The World

  1. Fieni Yuniarti sagt:

    Me too, difficult to leave the comfort zone. In bahasa we can say „susah move on“. every people think I’m moving on, but me (haaaaah curcol again 😀 ). And my friends said that travelling is the best idea for people like us 🙂

  2. GloryGrant sagt:

    I think you don’t have to quit from your job. You can save your money and when it’s enough, take some time to travel. After go back to office to work. 🙂

    Nice post mbak.

  3. Puji sagt:

    Waa, semoga bisa direalisasikan rencana keliling dunia ya Mba 🙂

  4. nyonyasepatu sagt:

    Amin, semoga jadi kenyataan ya 🙂

  5. Beby sagt:

    Kita harus banyak memikirkan hal lainnya ya, Mbak.. Kadang untuk jadi seorang full time traveler, yang dibutuhin bukan sekedar duit. Tapi keterbatasan paspor ijo kita sedikit menghambat..

    Semoga bisa kesampaian. Aamiiin.. 😀

  6. riemikan sagt:

    Taking a step out of your comfort zone is always the hardest and you did it already. I think people should start incorporating traveling as a part of their life.
    Traveling expands horizon and broaden knowledge. Nice one!

  7. cerita4musim sagt:

    start small. start somewhere.


  8. zilko sagt:

    Everyone has their own preference and choice. Some choose to leave everything and just go, while others choose to stay in one place but do some frequent travelling. Nothing is better than the other IMO 🙂 .

  9. Angela sagt:

    This is also a dream of mine. Some people are brave enough to leave everything behind, pack up few things and just travel around the globe. I don’t have the courage to do that, but I do want to travel the world. Cheers to our dreams!

  10. Lorraine sagt:

    Explore the world the way you like it. Good luck and happy planning. Believe that you can do it.

  11. […] Shinta Darmawan: https://shintadarmawan.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/ef2-my-wildest-dream-travel-around-the-world/ […]

  12. jendluvu sagt:

    travel as much as possible yahh shinn.. gw juga pengen bngt travel the world.. bener sihh, lu udah ada 1 keuntungan untuk tinggal di german. jadi at least bs keliling europe sama Scandinavian countries, dan UK. haha.. ahh.. pengen jalan2 jadinya. haha..

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